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The main difference between the tungsten arc welding process and the MIG process is indifference of the electrodes. Whereas the tungsten electrodes at the tungsten arc welding process are only arc producing electrodes (non depositing electrodes), the almost endless spooled wire electrodes are at gas metal arc welding arc producing electrodes and depositing filler material. The arc space, the dissolving filler and the melting pool are screened from the air atmosphere by the active and inert shielding gases. The operative range of steels and non iron metals determines the choice of wire and shielding gas combinations. In the case of steel welding only active shielding gases are used and in the case of treatment of non iron metals inert gases are usually used. Gas Metal Arc Welding: Active Gas Metal MAG and Metal – Inert gas MIG electrod mag

how to weld a 2g mig bend test plate

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Clamped in the welding torch is a tungsten electrode in which the welding current is introduced. Between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece an arc is formed which fuses the base ...
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The gas metal arc welding torch is made of the following components: -welding power supply with mains supply and welding lead -wire feeding with wire spool and wire feed unit -shielding gas supply ...
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Many important joining processes make use of the arc as a tool and energy source. The arc performs the penetrations and deposits the filler. Furthermore it supplies energy for physical ...
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ISO 857-1 was widely, up to and including chapter 3, replaced by EN 14610 in view of the harmonisation of the European internal market and in the course of globalisation. ...
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