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The gas metal arc welding torch is made of the following components:
-welding power supply with mains supply and welding lead
-wire feeding with wire spool and wire feed unit
-shielding gas supply and inert gas flow meter and magnet valve
-control module for central control and handling of the machine
-hose package with torch


Welding Power Supplies
Welding power supplies transfer the electric energy which supplies the necessary amount of heat in the arc during different welding processes. Welding process and welding power supply form a system which has a great influence on the quality of the weld seam.
In addition to conventional power supplies electronic machines have more and more been developed and used.
Those can be basically split up in two parts:
a)    the power component
b)    the handling component
Indicated are the mostly used welding torches for gas metal arc welding. 

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