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Thermal cutting processes can be classified according to different aspects.
According to the common physical processes, a distinction can be drawn between flame cutting, fusion cutting and sublimation cutting.

The material is treated as follows:
When flame cutting, it is mainly burned, and the combustion products are expelled by an oxygen jet of high kinetic density.
flame cutting

When fusion cutting, t is mainly fused and blown out by a high-speed gas jet.
fusion cutting

When sublimation cutting, it is mainly evaporated and blown out by expansion and/or by a gas jet.
sublimation cutting


The diagram shows a classification of thermal cutting processes dependent on the type of energy carrier hat impacts the workpiece from the outside according to DIN 2310-6.

classification of thermal cutting processes

According to the degree of mechanization, a distinction can be drawn between:

  • Manual cutting
  • Partly mechanical cutting
  • Fully mechanical cutting
  • Automated cutting


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